What is a magnetic sweeper?

What is a magnetic sweeper?

Have you ever dropped a bunch of nails or screws in your yard and thought, “How am I going to find all of these?” Magnetic Sweepers to the rescue!


A magnetic sweeper is a type of magnetic tool that is used to pick up dropped pieces of ferromagnetic material e.g. iron chips, nails, bolts, nuts.

Magnetic sweepers make cleaning up dropped material fast and easy. They do this by attracting all the small pieces of metal from the ground due to their magnetic pull, so there is little effort involved for the user.

Magnetic Sweepers’ mainly parts are ferrite magnetic floor sweeper into an magnetic brooms, mostly also include two small wheels. Dailymag’s sweepers can be cleaned easily by lifting the handles. They are widely used for the clearing metal debris, such as iron chips, nails, bolts, nuts etc from work sites, magnetic broom and magnetic floor sweeper.


Remove unwanted steel debris from your service area and prevent tires from flat

Easy cleaning by lifting handles

Enough magnetic forceOption: 

Different styles available for different requirement

Magnetic sweeper can be operated easily to collect any nail,nuts,screws from floor and  released by lifting handle.



Whick magnetic sweeper suit you:

They come in four forms: hand-held, push, forklift, or trailer.

If you are using a magnetic sweeper for a large surface area, the best type to choose would be the trailer magnetic sweeper. This is because it can be easily attached to a variety of vehicles and moved over a large area easily.

If you are using a magnetic sweeper for small tasks and do not want to take a long time collecting ferromagnetic materials, then the best variety to choose would be the push magnetic sweeper. This is because it is easily manoeuvred around small areas quickly, and is also relatively easy to use.

If you are only sweeping over a small surface area, then the best magnetic sweeper to use would be the hand-held type. This is because it can be easily carried over the surface area and collected a large quantity of ferromagnetic material.

The sweeper is fitted with two large robust rubber wheels with puncture-proof tyres. The direction of the sweeper is controlled by a long tubular steel handle which can be dismantled. so it is very convenient to use.


Forklift magnetic sweeper used on a car park: They are very useful in places where tyres are burst frequently due to dropped pieces of ferromagnetic material. This can cost companies a lot of money unnecessarily. and so magnetic sweepers help to avoid this.














Magnet used inside&its work distance:

A ferrite is a ceramic material made by mixing and firing large proportions of iron(III) oxide (Fe₂O₃, rust) blended with small proportions of one or more additional metallic elements, such as barium, manganese, nickel, and zinc. 


In our standard production, we use a total of 5 ferrite magnets on our 112024 magnetic sweeper. This is great&economical for us as it give enough magnetic power&production cost is not high. But at first stage we also did a lot tests.


At first stage,we are wondering: what magnets could we use to make it more economical&enough power? That question comes with a bit of technical preface.

You could use smaller magnets, but they won’t reach across the same distance with as much force as larger magnets do. If you decrease the magnet size, you’d also want to decrease the gap between the magnets and the ground. The magnets in our sweeper are about 2” off of the ground. That may not seem like much distance, but our sweeper has trouble picking up tiny steel balls from 2″ away!

The strength also depends on the size of the object and the amount of ferrous material in that object. You’ll see more pull force to a large, thick steel washer than to a small staple!

Even very strong magnets won’t pick up ferrous objects from far away. They need to be within a few inches.

We thought we would come up with some conclusive data pointing to which configuration worked best but it turns out that it can depend on distance (again).


And the magnetic installation configuration will differs a lot. We did several testing. configuration three measured best at 2” away, while configuration two measured best at 1” away. Configuration one didn’t do as well in either tests.

Finally, the configuration three had each magnet with the same pole facing the ground, shown with all north facing down here. This worked very well, and had good reach.




So if you decide to make your own magnetic sweepers, remember that distance, size, and orientation all matter. However you decide to do it or purchase one, a Magnet Sweeper can help save your tires or your lawnmower blades!








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