Rubber magnet

Rubber magnet

Rubber magnet is a special form of ferrite or rare earth materials. Flexible magnet materials are manufactured by binding ferrite or rare earth magnet powders in a variety of carriers, such as vinyl. Rubber Magnet is a kind of ferrite cermet series, made of bonded ferrite powder and synthetic rubber, by extrusion molding, calendering molding, injection molding and other processes made of.With the flexibility, flexibility, can be around the curve, after extrusion, rolling, injection, mold molding and other processes can be produced into a roll, sheet, strip, block, ring and a variety of complex shapes. It can also cover the surface of PVC sheet, coated paper, double-sided adhesive, UV coating, or color printing die cut into various shapes.

Rubber magnets from the magnetic powder (SrO6, Fe2O3), chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) and other additives (EBSO, DOP) and other components, by extrusion, rolling made of. Rubber can be homosexual or heterosexual, can be bent, twist, rollable. It does not need more mechanical processing can be used, you can adjust the shape according to the required size. It can be processed into strips, roll, sheet, block, rings, and all kinds of complicated shape.


The original features

Magnetic strips are thin pieces of flexible magnetic rubber material that usually have an adhesive on one side and can conform to irregular or uneven surfaces that are magnetically receptive. The ability to conform to uneven surfaces is advantageous for many industries and applications in which heavy working and corrosive environments cause surface elements to deteriorate and lose their initial even perfection over time.


Processing characteristics

Rubber magnet by magnetic powder (SrO6, Fe2O3), chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) and other additives (EBSO, DOP) etc, manufactured by extrusion, calendering. Rubber magnet can be anisotropic or isotropic, can bend, twist, roll. It can be used without more mechanical processing, can trim shape according to the required size, can also coated with PVC, back glue, UV oil, etc according to customer’s requirements. Its magnetic energy is 0.60 ~ 1.50 MGOe. 

Flexible magnet material is like rubber, and either white or dark brown in color. This inexpensive material can be bent, coiled and twisted, and easy to cut with a knife or scissors. Both magnetic strips and magnetic sheets are available with double-sided adhesive tape for easy application to products. Materials laminated with white vinyl can be imprinted using silk screening or digital printing techniques.

Magnetic strip are almost always manufactured with some sort of adhesive backing in order to better conform to the desired surface. Some common materials used for the adhesive backings on magnetic strips are acrylic-based adhesives, normal and foam, and rubber-based adhesives, craft, high-track and foam. The physical appearance of most basic strips of magnetic rubber is uncoated and a dark brown color. However, magnetic strips can be laminated on the non-magnetic side of the strip. In addition, they all have a weak and strong magnetic side, are cut easily, lightweight, are permanent magnets and, therefore, are reusable. For standard sizes of magnetic strips, their width ranges from .5 to 2 inches, while their thickness is anywhere from .03 to 1 inch thick. The most common thickness of magnetic strips is .6 inches, which provides enough strength for most strip applications.

Magnetic strips measure up to 3” wide by 400’ long, and the typical thickness is 1/16”. Magnetic sheeting rolls are typically 24” wide, 100’ long, and the typical thickness ranges between 0.02” and 0.03”.


The production process

Ingredients to mix, the extrusion/calender/injection molding – processing – magnetized to inspection, packaging.


Industry applications

Rubber magnets application fields: refrigerators, message sign, fasteners such as used for advertising , toys, teaching instrument, switch and sensors. Mainly used in micro motors, refrigerator, disinfection cabinet, kitchen cabinets, toys, stationery, advertising and other industries.

Magnetic strips are the most inexpensive type of magnetic shape and are typically manufactured from a mixture of ferrite magnet powder and rubber material, and are undergoing further forming by means of the extrusion process. These flexible strips come in large rolls and are used for a wide range of applications, particularly residential and commercial applications such as signs, refrigerator magnets, POP displays, craft supplies, trade show displays, markers and advertising boards. Also used for industrial applications such as in switches, manufactured products and sensory devices, magnetic strips provide noise and vibration dampening. In addition, magnetic strips are commonly utilized in sealing applications as well. For instance, latching, gaskets, door seals, shower and bathroom sealing and refrigerator door sealing are all accomplished with the use of magnetic rubber strips.



They can also be used as car sealing gasket and other soft gasket.

The sealing function of the refrigerator door gasket is the key to the refrigerator energy saving efficiency and determines the life of the refrigerator air-compressor to a great extent. Our R&D team has the capabilities to adjust the gasket properties through formula change and modify the cross section design through FEA analysis of contact shape deform, press recovery, etc. to ensure maxim sealing function. Our accumulated technology and know-how in this special field can add great value to the refrigerator makers.

The gaskets made of soft PVC granule can also have a wide application in the wood industry, architecture and metal industry as elements for sealing doors and windows.

Flexible PVC with magnetic strip inserts provide energy-efficient seals without the use of door latches. These gaskets are NSF approved. Standard colors include light gray, black and white. PVC temperature range is -20°F brittle point to +150°F melt point.





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