Permanent magnet lifter

Magnetic lifter  

Permanent magnet lifter: also known as permanent magnet hoist, magnetic hoist, magnetic jack, lifting magnet, lifting permanent magnet, permanent magnet, etc.It has the characteristics of small size, stronger holding force, no electricity, almost zero remanence and high safety factor.

Main purpose editing

Permanent magnet sucker (also known as permanent magnet lifter and permanent magnet lifter) is divided into two types: manual permanent magnet lifter and automatic permanent magnet lifter. It adopts modern high-performance nd-fe-b magnetic material ndfe-b, which makes it smaller in size, lighter in deadweight and stronger in holding force.High safety factor, the maximum pulling force is 2.8-4 times of the rated starting gravity.Manual permanent magnet jack handle switch is equipped with safety button, which can be operated by one hand, convenient and safe.Lifting bottom “V” groove design.Full-automatic permanent magnet lifter does not need manual handle lifting, it can be lifted corresponding round steel and steel plate by the lifting control of the lower hook of the electric crane, it does not use electricity, it is safe to use, it is widely used in the lifting and handling of steel, the installation and handling of flat mechanical parts and various molds.Applicable to shipbuilding, construction machinery, automotive and other industries at room temperature steel plate lifting, handling operations such as lifting tools.It is mainly used for the connection with the workpiece to be hoisted in the hoisting process, (such as: and the electric pulley chain hoist, wire rope electric hoist, etc.) for the work of moving iron plate, block and cylindrical magnetic conductive material.Easy to operate, safe and reliable, compact and lightweight results.Widely used in factories, docks, warehouses, transportation industry.Improve the working conditions of loading, unloading and handling operations to improve labor efficiency.


Characteristics of the editor

1, compact structure, compact shape, easy to operate

  1. High-performance permanent magnetic material, non-demagnetization
  2. Work without electricity or other power

4, advanced scientific magnetic circuit balance design, strong holding force, magnetic remanence is almost zero, safe and reliable

  1. The maximum pulling force is 3.5 times of the rated starting gravity, with high safety factor

Range of application

Permanent magnet chuck is suitable for carrying steel plate, iron block and cylindrical iron.Such as mechanical parts, punch mold and all kinds of steel materials.This permanent magnet jack is a kind of lifting equipment without power supply.The structure of permanent magnet jack is advanced, it is produced according to export standard, and its quality and performance reach the international advanced level of similar products.Permanent magnet loaders are widely used in the mechanical industry, mold manufacturing, warehouse and transportation sectors to transport steel plates, ingot and other magnetic objects.

Permanent lifting magnets are composed of permanent magnet materials and mild steel structual parts which contributes a magnetic flux circuit. They are used for lifting ferrous parts without using any electric power. Lifting magnets are easy to operate and powerful, but also compact in size and cost effective. Armstrong permanent lifting magnets are widely used in machine shops, warehouses of steel parts, loading docks, shipyards, and many other sites commonly using steel products.


There are two types of the permanent lifting magnets, NL-B and PL lifting magnets. Both of them have different magnetic structures, and consequently they are utilized for different loads.



Safe and easy operation:

The handle controls an inner magnetic system for safe and easy operation.  When the handle is placed at the OFF position, the lifting magnet would have almost no magnetic pull.  After you press the safety release button on the top of the handle and turn it to the ON position, the lifting magnet would then have magnetic attraction pull to a steel load.  For better safety ensurance, the handle is secured at this position by a lock pin.  The lifting magnet would preserve full magnetic pull until you manually slide back the lock pin and turn the handle back to the OFF position.


Compact yet powerful:

Thanks to neodymium magnet and special magnetic design, the Armstrong lifting magnets are compact in size and light in weight compared to their powerful lifting capacity.


Constant and stable magnetic power:

The lifting magnets have high resistance to demagnetization and is shielded from outside magnetic interference with mild steel case.  The lifting value would always be kept constant and remain stable over time.



– Armstrong lifting magnets can only be used at temperature below 148°F (64°C).  As the working environment temperature increases, the magnitude of magnetic lifting power would start to decrease.  For the loads with high temperature, we would need to design a custom lifting magnet with a special structure and heat resistant materials.

– Permanent lifting magnets are not recommended to lift a thin sheet from a stack, they could lift more than one sheet at same time. For thin sheet, please consider electro permanent lifting magnets, or electro magnets.


Structure editor

The permanent magnet lift-off consists of a high performance ndfeb permanent magnetic material, which can hold and release the workpiece by changing the magnetic force of the high magnetic system through the rotation of the handle.There is a lifting ring at the top of the jack for lifting objects, and a v-shaped groove at the bottom for holding the corresponding cylindrical objects.The high-performance permanent magnet material used in the permanent magnet crane is: rare earth permanent magnet ndfeb as magnetic source, with no power consumption, strong suction, low residual magnetism, light operation, long life, safe and reliable characteristics, the product structure is advanced, according to export standards organization production, quality performance to reach the international advanced level of similar products.Widely used in machinery industry, mold manufacturing, warehouse and transportation sectors to transport steel plate, ingot and other magnetic objects.


Working principle editing

The working principle of the permanent magnet jack is based on Faraday’s electromagnetic induction principle.Internally, the high-performance permanent magnetic material neodymium borax is used to generate strong suction force in the magnetic circuit. The magnetic force line can be changed by turning the handle to make the crane work or close.No external power supply, is a safe and energy-saving, and high efficiency of the new lifting gear.

When the jack is in working state, the suction surface at the bottom of the jack forms a pair of longitudinal magnetic poles, which can firmly absorb the workpiece made of iron. There are v-shaped slots on the bottom surface, so it can not only absorb the plate-shaped workpiece, but also the cylindrical workpiece.Therefore, there are strict requirements on the thickness and area of the plate.


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