Magnetic sweepers

Rolling magnetic sweeper, also known as magnetic broom sweeper or magnetic floor sweeper, is a welcome addition to any home or workplace because of how easy it makes cleaning up large messes.

While being great at picking up loose nails or other objects in a driveway that can puncture tires or injure people who step on them, other added benefits of using a magnetic sweeper is for picking up potentially dangerous objects, such as loose blades, cut pieces of sheet metal or sharp metal shavings.

Strong Pulling Capacity

The 24″ magnetic sweeper can collect up to 33 Lbs/ 15 kg. It helps you clear away the hazardous ferrous objects and improve your safety at workplace, yard, garage and home.

Three Sizes Available

18″ is ideal for home, small workshop, or small yard as it is space-saving and more reachable for narrow areas.

24″ is great for medium large space as it can collect more objects at once and easy to store.

36″ is the best choice for factory, large garage, big yard or other spacious workplace

User-friendly Desgin and Details.

Good Quality Wheel

Durable, Odourless And Workable In Any Road Condition

Nice Silicone Handle

Designed For A Comfortable And Secure Grab

Adjustable Length

Improved Bolt Shape For Work Safety Improvement And Easier Operation

Adjustable Height

The Default Heigh Is 1.4″ But Adjustable

Magnetic sweepers are magnetized push brooms on wheels that can pick up metal waste (staples, nails, pins and other metal debris) inside and usually outside your home, as well .

They typically include a release button to easily dispose of the accumulated screws, nails and other metal debris in the home workshop, outdoors, or in machining warehouses.

Many buyers purchase them after contractors have finished a roofing job and negligently left a ton of metal debris in their lawn, endangering family pets, car tires, and the naked foot!

Luckily, a push-type magnetic floor sweeper can help you pick out all these sharp, metal bits. It may take a couple of rolling passes to get all the nails, but it’s worth the effort to avoid an injured pet or a maimed foot.

This mini magnetic sweeper offered by Dailymag is easy to use, reliable, and efficient for picking up lost screws and nails. Users love the strength of the magnet, but some do note that the handle needs improvement.

The mini magnetic broom measures 3” x 17” x 43”, and it features a 14.5″ sweeping width that picks up to 1.6 pounds of penny nails, a 1” x 1” frame, 3-inch wheels with hard plastic rims and steel bushings, and a weight of 3 pounds. The handle includes a grip with a convenient hanging pole, and the lightweight aluminum construction guarantees durability. The Master Magnetics sweeper is available also a 27” sweeping mode.

A purchaser shares that the mini sweeper is perfect for flower beds and yards and that he was utterly surprised how many nails it managed to pick. He states that he gathered at least 50 screws with the first sweep and that this is the ideal tool to keep nails and screws away from children and pets.

Another reviewer mentions that the mini sweeper is more powerful than he expected and that it’s well-made, light, and easy to clean. A user also adds that it’s no bother to assemble the magnetic sweeper and that he highly recommends it. However, some customers have complained that the screw that holds the handle lasted only a couple of weeks and then broke. Some also note that the magnet is too far away from the ground.

If you don’t want to spend hours trying to pick up nails and screws from your lawn, you might take a look at this 30-inch magnetic sweeper with wheels offered by Dailymag.

Users love the extra-wide sweeping head, but some do note that it’s overpriced. The head of this sweeper for nails measures 30” x 3” x 4”, and it provides 50 lbs of magnetic pull. The sweeper features a one-pull release to quickly get rid of debris, a telescoping handle that you can extend from 30 inches to 44 ½ inches, 7-inch wheels, and a weight of 20.5 lbs. The Central Machinery sweeper is suitable for shop floors, carpets, and grass.

In general, buyers have a favorable opinion regarding this magnetic sweeper with wheels, and they praise its usefulness and convenience.

A customer mentions that the sweeper made his job of cleaning 20, 000 sqft of space very easy and that it works smoothly. Another happy user shares that he had no issues to use the sweeper on grass and that it picked up every nail.

He adds that it’s made of quality materials, but it’s heavy. A purchaser mentions that the magnet is powerful and that the sweeper is easy to move around. However, some customers have complained that they had problems with the wheel bolt and that the magnet is too close to the ground.


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