Magnetic Sweepers

Magnetic Sweepers


Magnetic sweepers are magnetized push brooms on wheels that can pick up metal waste (staples, nails, pins and other metal debris) inside and usually outside your home, as well.

They typically include a release button to easily dispose of the accumulated screws, nails and other metal debris in the home workshop, outdoors, or in machining warehouses.

Many buyers purchase them after contractors have finished a roofing job and negligently left a ton of metal debris in their lawn, endangering family pets, car tires, and the naked foot!

Luckily, a push-type magnetic floor sweeper can help you pick out all these sharp, metal bits. It may take a couple of rolling passes to get all the nails, but it’s worth the effort to avoid an injured pet or a maimed foot.

If you need a reliable tool to find all the missing screws and nails, you might take a look at this 24-inch magnetic broom sweeper offered by Dailymag. Users love the design and the width of the tool.




Some users comment that they were very surprised how many nails he managed to pick with this sweeper after his roof renovation and that it saved him a lot of flat tires. The dump lever is convenient and easy to use and that they highly recommends the Dailymag magnetic sweeper. 

The user states that the wheels are perfect both for indoor and outdoor use and that they highly recommend it as the best magnetic sweeper.


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