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8 Best Magnets For Magnet Fishing In 2020 [Part one]



Looking forward to buying the best magnet to perform your hobby? Here you go! Every market has various magnet fishing magnets for sale and it’s probably confusing choosing the best magnet for you in order to do magnet fishing. That’s exactly why I am here. 


In this article, I’ll share the 8 best magnets for magnet fishing. In the end, I’ll also share a buying guide to help you choose the best magnet for you.


What is magnet fishing?

Well, magnet fishing is not a task where people catch fish with magnets. It’s almost like treasure haunting under water. Pulling up ferromagnetic objects from the deep inside of water with a powerful neodymium magnet is called magnet fishing.


It’s a hobby. Besides, there are chances you can earn from it while having fun. This hobby allows you to explore new things and facts. It also helps to learn the history and life of people from the past. When you are getting a new thing, you’re learning this is the thing they used before to do this. Isn’t that great?


However, though magnet fishing is a great activity, it has some rules and regulations to maintain. Many lands have laws of magnet fishing.


Steps of magnet fishing / How to magnet fish?

Let’s talk about some basic steps of magnet fishing which will help you to get started.


  • Grab your essential pieces of gear. A powerful magnet which contains the maximum force and a hook to attach a rope. A bright color rope which will last longer.


  • Learn how to tie knots.


  • Before you throw your magnet for hunting, test it on dry land first.


  • Find a suitable location for magnet fishing. Don’t go to a place where magnet fishing is prohibited.


  • Lastly, throw your magnet at the lake or drop and drag it at canals.



How to choose the best magnet for magnet fishing

Choosing the best magnet is quite hard. Magnet fishing is a rare hobby. People from every stage don’t try this one. Though it provides great fun and joy, without the appropriate magnet, you won’t be able to get your result.


Here I’ll discuss some facts which you should know when you’re willing to buy the best magnet for you.


  • The pulling force


  • This is the most important thing you have to check. If the pulling force is low, you won’t be able to pull up heavy things. Besides, the maximum pulling force is important because you literally don’t know what you’re going to pull.


  • I recommend buying a magnet with 800-1200 lbs of pulling power.


  • Steel coating and features


  • Three-layer coating magnets are great. With this type of coating, your magnet will have a shiny body. It’ll also fight against rust to provide you a long-lasting and durable service.


  • Countersunk hole
  • When you’re buying a magnet in order to magnet fish, always try to buy one which has a countersunk hole. The hole is an essential thing for such a task. Besides, try to choose the magnet which includes eyebolt.


  • Building method and material


  • This is another important fact. If your magnet isn’t made with high-quality material, you won’t get enough from it.


  • The building method is also important. Magnets made with an ordinary method doesn’t last long.



Magnet fishing tips and recommendations

  • Before you start, make sure there are no local laws for magnet fishing.


  • Always store your rope on the appropriate winder.


  • Don’t disturb other fishermen.


  • Preserve the items you got. Don’t throw them back.


  • Before you start, practice your knots.


  • Find the best place to magnet fish.


Magnet Fishing Safety

The most important fact in this sector is safety. Before you go, you need to ensure that you and other people are safe. Try to consider things and always try to use common sense. Don’t go magnet fishing where it is prohibited and where signs like magnet fishing not allowed are popping up. If you’re fishing from a pier or a bridge, make sure your magnet doesn’t go too much close to the metal pole or beam. As you’ll be using a powerful magnet, it’ll get stuck and you won’t be able to pull it up then.


Stay conscious of the surroundings. When you’re throwing your fishing magnet make sure it’s not hitting any moving watercraft. Stay away from propellers. You’re not safe around these.


While enjoying this hobby at your fullest don’t forget that you’re a member of society. Always try to make a positive impact. If you do this, you’ll be proud of yourself like you’re doing some cool job and you’re doing it for your environment and society.


14 Magnet fishing tips

Magnet fishing is easy but you may get disappointed while you’re fishing if you’re a newbie in this sector. Here are a few tips that will help you at getting more. Always try to abide by these tips.


  1. Choose a rope with great strength


Choosing a weak rope won’t help much at magnet fishing because you don’t know what’s there under the water. So, you need to select a strong rope that has much strength. Otherwise, there are chances that you’ll lose your magnet.


  1. Do proper knotting


This is essential. You have to make sure that when you’re attaching the rope with your magnet you’re doing it right and it’s going according to the place and situation.


  1. Choose populated areas


Getting something is easily possible near populated areas because people go there easily so they can dump something there easily. Besides, try visiting abandoned places and war spots too!


  1. Wear gloves


Don’t neglect this fact. Wearing gloves can help you in many ways. While you’re pulling up the rope it’ll be helpful or else, you may get injured badly. Besides, while you’re working with sharp metals you need to wear your gloves first.


  1. Apply multiple techniques


Dropping and pulling up the magnet is the basic that everyone follows. But if you try something different, it’ll be helpful. Like, you can do trolling with your trolling motor. It’ll help you a lot at covering the whole spot quickly and increase the chance to get something new.


  1. Try grabbing a powerful magnet


Grabbing a weak magnet won’t help you much. It’s essential that you go for an extremely powerful magnet. It’ll help while you’re pulling heavy objects. It’ll help at smaller objects too!


  1. Don’t do so fast


Work slowly and have patience. Magnet fishing is easy and it gives results quicker than regular fishing but you must keep patience. Or else, you won’t be able to find out good and precious things.


  1. Try the throw and pull


While you’re fishing with drop and pull, try the method throw and pull often. It’ll help you getting something extraordinary if the metal it at a distance under the water.


  1. Carry multiple magnets


Always carry multiple magnets with you. You need these when you’re going to different places and different spots.


  1. Use secondary rope too


While you’re magnet fishing with your permanent rope, attach a secondary rope too. You won’t be fishing with that. But it’ll be attached with your magnet for in case usage.


  1. Use strong Carabiner


This is the mistake that almost everyone does. Always try to buy a carabiner which is strong enough and goes with your setup.


  1. Carry antibacterial gel


It’ll help you at protecting yourself from any kind of bacterial disease. You don’t where you’ll be fishing, and there can a lot of bacterias and you may get sick.


  1. Don’t expect much at the beginning


Keep your expectations at a level and don’t expect much. It’ll prevent you from getting disappointed too quickly.


  1. Keep faith on your magnet


Do this and you’ll see how the point of view changes. You’ll feel the confidence of magnet fishing too much quickly.


  1. Don’t drag too much


Avoid dragging too much. It’s not that much help as you think.




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