Magnet Fishing

Magnet Fishing


Detecting with a metal detector is a quite widespread hobby. It is not as common, yet, to have tried Magnet fishing. If you enjoy being out in the woods and fields and discovering new (and old) things, then magnet fishing is something for you to try. Through all times, people have lost or thrown, stuff in the water that they have not been able to get back. These things are now waiting at the bottom of streams and lakes. Waiting to be found and pulled to the surface by someone with a strong magnet.

What is magnet fishing?

Magnet fishing is an enjoyable hobby gaining new practitioners every day. With a long rope and a powerful magnet, you can make beautiful finds. Magnet fishing is a hobby that suits everyone, regardless of age or gender.


It also has a positive impact on the environment. You pick up things that should not be there, from the bottom of the lakes and channels. It is the perfect blend of treasure hunting and environmental work. It’s a  hunt for treasure, both adults and children love.

Equipment For Magnet Fishing

  • A strongneodymium magnet with a loop or hole in, so that you can attach the rope.
  • A smooth line or ropethat exceeds the tensile strength of the magnet with a good margin.
  • A pair of glovesand boots.
  • wooden shaftwith a hook can be useful for lifting the treasure/scrap when pulling it up.
  • Something to collect the stuff in, bucketcansboxes.

Best Fishing Magnets

The equipment you need for magnetic fishing is simple and not very expensive. You need a strong long rope and a powerful retrieving magnet. Because metal objects that hide in seabeds are usually rusty and dirty, you need a powerful magnet to pull it up.

Neodymium Magnets

It’s good if the magnet has as big a magnetic face as possible. There are strong retrieving magnets that have a narrow cylindrical shape.  These cylindrical magnets are not optimal for magnet fishing because the grip surface is too small. Neodymium magnets are quite brittle and may break if handled carelessly. 

The most used magnet types are neodymium magnets or “super magnets“. These magnets are available in varying sizes and pull force. For an adult, it may be appropriate to start with a pulling power of about 80-120 kg. There are much stronger magnets. However, if such a super-strong magnet sticks to a heavy object, you may have trouble releasing it. So start with a weaker magnet until you get used to magnet fishing.

Remember to bring something to store the magnet. If stored loose in the boot of a car, it may attach to the metal chassis. A wooden box works well for storage.  Also, note that these super magnets can be dangerous for children. With their high pull force, they can crush the fingers of a child, so be careful. 

Best rope for magnet fishing

The rope you need should, above all be sufficiently strong. So that it exceeds the pull strength of the magnet with a good margin. It should be long enough to make long throws and to make a loop at the back of the rope. That loop you attach to your arm or a tree so that you don’t throw the whole line into the water.

Magnet Fishing Finds

What you can catch with magnets are the so-called ferromagnetic metals. Gold and silver do not belong to them, so they have to be pulled up with the help of any other metal. Gold and silver can, for example, be in containers or boxes that you find. Alternatively, on jewellery or chains made from a magnetic metal. Should anyone have hidden or lowered precious metals into the water, it’s usually in some form of container. These containers can, if you are lucky, be pulled up to the surface.

Magnet fishing for coins

Most modern date coins do not get stuck on magnets, but old coins may be magnetic. In earlier times, iron was used in the coins, and these early coins attach to the magnet quite easily.

You will be amazed at how much hide on the bottom of the waterways. Some magnet fishing finds are new, and others are old. Most of what you find with a magnet is trash and not especially valuable or exciting. But from time to time, you find things that are interesting and which excite your imagination. It may be old weapons and kniveschains and jewellerysafe boxestoolskeys or phones, etc.

Fishing dangers

If you find weapons or ammunition, which happens, it is advisable to contact the police. Handle them as little as possible and don’t leave them unattended on the shore. They are usually not dangerous after a long time in the water, but you can never be entirely sure.



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