8 Best Magnets For Magnet Fishing In 2020

8 Best Magnets For Magnet Fishing In 2020 [Part two]



What Is Magnet Fishing?

This question is pretty common in curious people, they ask what is magnet fishing. the answer to this question is quite simple. Did you ever see any metal detector? Or did you notice how they dig metals from the land through a signal? Magnet fishing is similar to this process but instead of finding metal in the land, people find it in the water using strong magnets.


Now, the whole planet is covered with big giant lakes and rivers. Did you ever imagine, what could be there under the water? These are the witnesses of history and they’re right there from a long time ago. So, there are chances that you’ll find out some precious things or historic metals that nobody knows about. What you need to do is just grab your rope and magnet and boom! You’re a magnet fisher.


This hobby is pretty interesting and you can do it with a little cost. Besides, there is a chance to do a little adventure too! You just need to feel the thrill of magnet fishing because you don’t know what you’re going to find out. Maybe you can get something precious that you can’t even think of.


Magnet Fishing Setup – Getting Started

Well, magnet fishing requires some pieces of equipment. You can’t just go and dive into magnet fishing. The setup is almost similar to fish angling but slightly different. When you’re fishing normally, what do you need? You need a hook, fishing line, a reel, a rod, and your bait or lure. In the magnet fishing category, you need a powerful magnet first of all. This will work as your hook and bait. After that, you need a strong rope which will work as your fishing line.


Besides, there’s one more thing you need to get started and that’s not any practical gear. That’s patience with curiosity and technique. Magnet fishing is not a lengthy process like ordinary fishing. You can easily get to know what you’ll be getting and what’s there under the surface. You just need to cast your magnet and pull it up when you feel like you found something or something is there attached to your fishing magnet.



Magnet Fishing Magnets

In order to magnet fish, you need a terribly strong magnet. The best way is to grab a magnet that is tough and capable of lifting much weight. Besides, you need to think about portability and carrying facilities. Buy a strong magnet that you can take with you almost everywhere.


It’s essential to bear in mind that, you need to buy a magnet that can provide you with maximum pulling force. When the object is having a flat contact with the magnet, your magnet will reach its maximum. Besides, objects from the bottom of the lake are pretty hard to pull up. That’s why you’ll always need a strong magnet to start magnet fishing. Bigger magnets will be able to do it easily when your targeted object is laying there for a long time ago.



Magnet Fishing Supplies And Other Equipment

Magnet fishing requires little supplies. Just like other outdoor activities, you need the proper gear to start up and get much thrill. You need at least a bucket or a big jar to carry your finds with you. To get rid of debris, you need a brush too. Besides, don’t forget to get a heavy glove and wear it while you’re pulling your goods. It’ll prevent you from any kind of injury as your find may be heavier. Besides, it’ll help a lot when your find is rusted or sharp metal. If you want you can bring a small container with you too to carry your fishing hooks or other small accessories.


By the by, wearing a hat and sunglass is a smart choice. Try to grab insect repellent as you’ll be magnet fishing in abandoned places. You can wear waterproof waders or gumboots too to keep your feet safe and sound.



Strong Knots To Use For Magnet Fishing

Find a knot that is able to hold heavyweight. It’ll help in many ways. The best knot for magnet fishing is which tightens on itself automatically. Pulling a heavyweight is not a regular thing but it’ll be useful. When you’re pulling up light things, a strong knot will do its job perfectly.


The trusty Palomar is recommended for beginners as this one is very much simple to tie and is one of the strongest knots. If you’re a fish angler and you have a favorite one, try that one too with your magnet.


Best Places To Magnet Fish

Almost every place on this planet has water bodies like canals, dams, creeks, ponds, swamps, rivers, or lakes. Always try to fish in urban areas. The chance of getting metal is high there. Find places that are easily accessible and people are used to it. Try fishing in remote areas and countrysides too! It’ll be best if you find out an abandoned place where people are not going for a long time. Chances that there’s metal laying undistributed for a long time.


If you find out any old well or drain, make sure your magnet is diving into it. Try to visit old towns of history and war and drop your magnets down. You’ll dig up a whole new stage of history. You can contribute is the local museum then too!

Dangers and Safety Precautions of Magnet Fishing

Magnet fishing is absolutely an outdoor activity and it’s full of dangers. If you don’t maintain your safety precautions you may hurt yourself instead of enjoying your favorite hobby. When you’re magnet fishing it means you’re dealing with a heavy magnet and your rough pulling rope. When you’re pulling your rope and the object attached to the magnet is positioned flat to it, the rope becomes hard to pull. Then you can hurt yourself if you avoid your gloves. Besides, you can hurt your hands too if you’re dealing with sharp finds and metals.


In order to magnet fish, you need to explore new places. So, in that case, you know nothing about where your curiosity is driving you. You may end up going into a jungle and there can be a lot of insects, bugs, and mosquitoes. So, it’s essential that you bring your accessories to fight against these. Don’t forget to wear a hat and sunglasses while you’re going fishing on a sunny day. Stay extra secured with guns and explosives. Don’t jump into any private property. Check the land law always. Stay away from harmful water species.
















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