How to Use the Magnetic Lifter?


How to Use the Magnetic Lifter?


Dailymag Magnetics offers great selection of Magnetic Lifters, including Universal Magnetic Lifter, Super Magnetic Lifter, TMC Magnetic Lifter, Powerful Magnetic Lifter and other magnetic lifter tools.



In loading and unloading. The Universal Magnetic Lifter can hoist iron/steel blocks, cylinders and others onto magnetic materials for linkage or connection. Universal Magnetic Lifter is very convenient for application in loading, unloading, and moving. Universal Magnetic Lifters (Universal Magnetic Lifter) are the most ideal lifting facility for factories, docks, warehouses and transport.



OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS                          

NOTE: Please read the Operating Instructions carefully before using this Product. If any doubt remains, please contact our company for further details.


  1. Application and features:

PML Series of Permanent Magnetic Lifters is mainly used for connecting component during lifting and handling operation. They can hoist moving iron block, cylindrical and other magnetic material. They are easy for operation, safe in handling, lightly and ingeniously structured. Hence, they are widely used as hoisting devices in factories, Docks warehouses and transportation industries. By using them, you can improve your working conditions and increase your working efficiency.


  1. Construction and specification:

2.1 Construction: PML series of Permanent Magnetic Lifters has strong magnetic path produced by NdFeB magnetic materials. On and off the magnetic path is controlled by turning the manual nozzle. There are shackles on the top of Magnetic Lifting Hoist for lifting, a veto slot on the holding face for holding cylindrical component firmly.

2.2 Specifications:


* PML-60 can produce according to the customers’ requests.


  1. Operations:

3.1 During operation, you should clear away the components surface such as rust and burr. The centerline of lifter had better overlap with the centerline of component. Then place the Magnetic Lifting Hoist on the face of component, turn the nozzle from “OFF” to “ON” until “holding”. Make sure that the security key on the handle is automatically locked, and then start to hoist.

3.2 During lifting and handing components, overloading is forbidden. Nobody is allowed to pass through under the component held by Magnetic Lifter. Components temperature and ambient temperature shall be between +80°C to -40°C. No strong vibration and impact.

3.3 When lifting and handling cylindrical components, keeping the cylindrical Surface contacting the V-slot of lifter on two lines, the actual lifting capacity will generally be 30% of the rated lifting capacity.

3.4 When lifting and handling operation is finished, press down the bottom to disengage the security key from the security pin, then turn the handle “ON” to “OFF” until “Release”. The lifter is now in the neutral condition, it can be taken away from the component.


  1. Main factors which influence the lifting capacity of permanent magnetic lifter:

4.1 Influenced by thickness and surface quality of the component. Before operation, it is necessary to find out the percentage of the steel thickness-lifting capacity according to the thickness of the component and capacity curve (on the following page). If its surface roughness Ra is less than 6.3um, the lifter surface gap will not exist, the lifting capacity will be 100%. If the surface roughness Ra is above 6.3um or even worse, the lifter surface gap should be estimated. Find out the percentage that lifting capacity of the lifter may reach from the air gap-lifting capacity curve shown in the performance chart. Combine these two factors and calculating the lifting capacity that the lifter may reach. The curves are on the two sides of lifter.

4.2 Influenced by the composition of steel component. After measurement, if low-carbon steel component is regarded as reference and the coefficient of lifting capacity is fixed: the coefficient for medium-carbon steel is 0.95. The coefficient for high-carbon steel is 0.90; the coefficient for low-alloy steel is 0.75, and the coefficient for cast iron is 0.50.

  1. Maintenance and safety notice:

5.1 While carrying and using permanent magnetic lifter, beware of the bumping and roughness of surface so as not to influence its property and life-span. After using, the lifter had better be protected by oil.

5.2 Please read the operating instruction carefully and know its property before using this lifter to avoid accident. Please contact our company for further detail.

5.3 Check the quality of the handle button frequently. Make sure that the security key can be moved flexibly and the security pin can be locked firmly.

5.4 When Magnetic Lifting Hoist is not in contact with ferromagnetic material of component, don’t turn the nozzle.

5.5 Maintenance must be strictly according to the instructions by the professional authorized technical personnel.

5.6 Prohibit modifying the products to avoid effecting on their safety.

5.7 Must take a test for the capability every year and check the safety of all the components in order to ensure its use capability.

5.8 If its main body and turning part is damaged so that it cannot work, it should be discarded as useless.


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