Buckyballs- The best science kit toy for Children and Adult

Buckyballs- The best science kit toy for Children and Adult

Buckyballs are the best science kit toy that you can gift your kids. The best thing about buckyballs is that they can be used to make any kind of structures and shapes, as there are no rules or instructions. You can practically let run your kid’s imagination wild, if you choose to gift them magnetic ball toys like buckyballs.

One of the best features of science kit toy from BuckyBalls is that they are made from high quality neodymium magnets, so that their magnetic force does not fade over time. A single set of BuckyBalls contain about 216 magnetic balls. The best thing about BuckyBalls is that they have high force of attraction; it has been proved that a single magnetic ball can hold the weight of all the remaining 216 magnetic balls.

Since you need to use your own imagination for making different structures with bucky balls, playing with science kit bucky balls toy will greatly help in boosting the brain cell activity. Some people even use the science kit toy for teaching kids geometry, by letting them make geometric shapes by using magnetic balls in the science kit. One of the well-known uses of magnetic balls is that they act as stress-busters. Since you need to really concentrate on what you are doing while working with bucky balls, it will help in forgetting stress. Playing with bucky balls also helps in increasing the concentration of the person.



TOP 34 Things you can use your buckyballs to!

Buckyballs brings us so many funs. Amazing shapes are coming by Buckyballs users.
Buckyballs users are basically scientists, looking for new and smart ways to use the high-power, Rare Earth magnet balls we can Buckyballs. In the years since we started selling them, we’ve seen and heard it all…. Every now and then though, we still hear something new. Some of the ideas that come across our desk are simply too good to keep secret.

And so, without further ado, our Top 34 Things to play Your Balls, as suggested by Buckyballs users. Go ahead, try a few. You’ll be glad you did!

  1. Use a magnetic ball as wall stud finder
  2. Wear as a neodymium bracelet (some people think the magnetism can help your golf swing)
  3. Play darts on office cabinets
  4. Make art displays on your refrigerator
  5. Use a Buckyballs tube as handsome desktop pen or business card holder
  6. Use as a distraction from boredom at work (no really, it works!)
  7. Neodymium spheres like Buckyballs can double as “chick magnets”
  8. Dress up your cufflinks (looks good and saves your from boring meetings)”

9.Walk on a ball of Buckyballs for an instant foot massage

  1. Use as a tapemeasure (216 Buckyballs = 3 feet long)
  2. Squish your magnet balls for an instant stress-relief
  3. Need even more stress relief? Try talking to your balls. Say anything. They never talk back or judge.
  4. Rare Earth magnet balls make excellent tinsel on Christmas trees
  5. Create a Neodymium ball level for hanging your new flat screen (it’s unclear how this works… but not 1 but 2 people sent us notes saying they’d done it!)
  6. String Buckyballs together for a light-switch pull
  7. Keep out sunlight with a magnet-ball curtain (you’ll need a lot, but your friends will envy your creation)
  8. Form Neodymium coasters for wine and beer glasses
  9. Dress like a knight in magnet ball chain-mail
  10. Buckyballs can, when shaped correctly, make excellent hats for your garden gnome
  11. Use them to fish keys out of the drains and other hard to reach spots
  12. Charm bartenders into giving you free drinks in return for letting them play with your balls (just saying it out loud should help make a friend or two)
  13. Hide-a-key using a single Neodymium sphere under your door frame
  14. Show your parents what you really learned at college
  15. Hang your glasses Grandma-style on a magnetic ball chain (works best with iron glasses)
  16. Count your Buckyballs as a modern-day abacus
  17. Create a pull-apart pinata
  18. Post pictures on the fridge
  19. Sculpt a paperweight
  20. Bookmark your favorite chapter
  21. They make great excuses: “Can’t do dinner tonight. I’ve got to wash my Buckyballs.”
  22. Confuse insane posses of clowns.
  23. Make your own chess set from magnet balls
  24. Tie a Buckyball ribbon on a birthday gift
  25. Write “Winning” on things that, well, won

… and much, much more. 


How to build a sphere with your buckball


Looking for Buckyballs tricks, shapes, patterns, and how-tos? You came to the right place.


Every few days we’ll be posting new tricks, games, shapes, how-to’s and more fun stuff you can do with your Buckyballs.


This, our second installment of the series, is less of a trick really and more of joy. It takes 180 balls, two minutes, just a bit of know-how, and gumption. Why? Unclear. But a little gumption never hurt anything. Here’s how it’s done:


Step 1 – Starting with a chain, break off 9 balls.
Step 2 – Connect the ends to make a ring.
Step 3 – This is the tricky bit; it’s just a pinch and a poke and your ring becomes a triangle. Confused? Try adding gumption… and watching the video above. Seeing it done makes everything that much easier.
Step 4 – Make 19 more triangles and snap them together to form a sphere.


Stay tuned… more Buckyballs instructions and tricks you can do are on the way!



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